The top bar at the stage select screen. The middle counter is the coins counter.


A picture of a Coin!

Coins are used to buy Items and Great Balls. Some Special Stages also require Coins to attempt.

The daily check-in awards the player 500 Coins, and 1000 Coins on every 10th check-in.

Clearing a Main Stage for the first time will earn the player 100 Coins, and any subsequent clears will earn 30 Coins (20 Coins in Mobile). An Expert Stage cleared for the first time earns the player 300 Coins, and most Special Stages award 200 Coins upon the first clear.

Coins can also be bought with Jewels from the Jewel Shop.

The max number of coins a player can have is 99999. The counter will cap at that number and any more coins the player gains will be lost, and the Jewel Shop will also prevent any purchases that would bring the counter over the cap.

Disruptions Edit

Coins can appear on some stages as disruptions. The player will earn extra Coins after clearing the stage by matching the Coin disruptions. Matches of 3/4/5/6 earns the player extra 100/300/500/700 Coins.

The Swap (+, ++) abilities can transform a Coin into another icon, and another icon can transform into a Coin through the Prospector and Alchemist abilities.

One notable stage as a good source of Coins is the weekly Meowth's Coin Mania, with Coins as an added Non-Support.

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