Damage is dealt to to target Pokémon during stages, when the player makes a match or a combo. The score during a stage is the accumulated damage.

Here is a useful formula for calculating damage:

  • Damage = [AP↑] * ([power] * ([combo bonus][icon bonus][status effect][ability*] + (mega power)) + [ability+])

Each time a match or combo is made, this formula will be used to calculate the damage dealt.

Attack Power ↑: Attack Power ↑ is the Item. This is x2 if it's in use, x1 if not

Power: Attack Power of the matched Pokémon, modified by the type effectiveness:

  • Super effective: x2
  • Neutral: x1
  • Not very effective: x0.5

Combo Bonus: Achieving higher combo counts will grant larger damage bonuses

  • 1 Combo: x1
  • 2-4 Combo: x1.1
  • 5-9 Combo: x1.15
  • 10-24 Combo: x1.2
  • 25-49 Combo: x1.3
  • 50-74 Combo: x1.4
  • 75-99 Combo: x1.5
  • 100-199 Combo: x2
  • 200+ Combo: x2.5

Icon Bonus: More icons in the match will grant larger damage bonuses

  • 3-icon: x1
  • 4-icon: x1.5
  • 5-icon: x2
  • 6-icon: x3

Status Effect: Certain status effects will increase damage, some from specific Pokémon types. No status effect means x1.

  • Burn: x1.5 from fire types
  • Freeze: x1.2 from ice types
  • Sleep: x1.2
  • Spook: x1.5 from ghost types

Ability: This can multiply (ex. Dancing Dragons) or add (ex. Counterattack) or even overwrite (ex. Vitality Drain). No trigger or not a damage altering ability means x1 or +0.

Mega Power: Most Mega Powers deal additive damage based on the number of icons erased. With the exception of a few, each icon erased is [0.2 * power]. Mega Powers that erase multiple types of disruptions (for example, Mega Aerodactyl) deal a set 50 damage per icon erased, while Mega Powers that erase one type of disruption (for example, Mega Steelix) deal a set 100 damage per icon erased. For Mega Powers that clear tiles, empty tiles don't count, and the tiles in which the match was made don't count. Note that this damage is still affected by type effectiveness.

The final damage rounds down.

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