Last-Ditch Effort


Attacks do more damage when things are looking desperate


Can only activate on the last four moves or when there are ≤ 10 seconds remaining (more specifically, can only activate after the 3 moves/10 seconds remaining warning is given)

Trigger Chance



Skill Levels
Level Damage Output Skill Points
Level 1 x5 5
Level 2 x6 15
Level 3 x7.5 20
Level 4 x10 60
Level 5 x15 N/A
Attack Power Innate Skill Swapper
30 Spearow
40 RoggenrolaKakunaHorsea Jigglypuff
50 LickitungGrimer (Alola Form)Lombre
60 Hippowdon (Male)SkuntankScraftyBastiodonDartrixTorracatBrionne
70 ConkeldurrRegirockDusknoirSeismitoad Walrein
80 HeatranGenesect (Shiny) Victini
90 Zygarde (Complete)

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