Survival Mode is a mode introduced in the 3DS v1.3 and Mobile v1.6 updates, and unlocks after clearing Stage 150 - Mega Mewtwo. Since the 3DS v1.4.18 and Mobile v1.10.13 updates, Survival Mode has been renewed with various changes. For info on the previous version, check the old version of this page.

In this mode, the player can choose any four Support Pokémon they want and battle up to 60 stages in a row. It costs three Hearts to start the attempt, but the player can continue until they fail a stage. The player starts with 5 moves, but clearing a stage awards them 5 more moves.

Most stages in this mode choose a stage randomly from a set of stages, but some are fixed stages. Clearing certain milestone stages also awards certain Enhancements.

After the renewal and prior to the 3DS v1.4.27 and Mobile v1.11.4 updates, there was a bug in which it was possible to encounter a stage twice, once in two different sets. Normally, an encountered stage gets excluded from the pool, but on levels with a tiny pool (namely, levels 58 and 59, which choose from stages 183-185), it's possible that two of the three stages were already chosen before, so at least one of the stages will have to be repeated. At that point, attempting the stage would cause an error to show, saying "Improper data has been detected. You cannot play this stage."

The Pokémon encountered in Survival Mode are not catchable.

Stages Edit

Level Possible Stages First Reward After Reward
1 Stages 5: Eevee Eevee
2 Stage 10: Mega Audino Mega Audino
3 Main Stages: Stages 11-147
4 Stage 45: Mega Slowbro Mega Slowbro
5 Main Stages: Stages 11-147
6 Stage 105: Mega Ampharos Mega Ampharos
7 Main Stages: Stages 11-147
8 Stage 135: Mega Gengar Mega Gengar
9 Main Stages: Stages 11-147
10 Stage 150: Mega Mewtwo Y Mega Mewtwo Y Exp. Booster M Exp. Booster S
11 Stage 37: Meowth Meowth
12 Main Stages: Stages 11-147
13-14 Main Stages: Stages 151-209
15 Stage 104: Aerodactyl Aerodactyl
16 Stage 18: Klefki Klefki
17 Main Stages: Stages 11-147
18-19 Main Stages: Stages 151-209
20 Stage 180: Mega Aerodactyl Mega Aerodactyl Raise Max Level 2 Exp. Booster S
21 Stage 44: Pidgeotto Pidgeotto
22 Main Stages: Stages 11-147
23-24 Main Stages: Stages 151-209
25 Stage 148: Heracross Heracross Exp. Booster M 3 Exp. Booster S
26 Stage 26: Chingling Chingling
27 Main Stages: Stages 11-147
28-29 Main Stages: Stages 151-209
30 Stage 210: Mega Heracross Mega Heracross Raise Max Level Exp. Booster M
31 Stage 64: Dratini Dratini
32 Main Stages: Stages 1-147
33-34 Main Stages: Stages 211-238
35 Stage 230: Medicham Medicham Exp. Booster L 2 Exp. Booster M
36 Stage 111: Vanillish Vanillish
37 Main Stages: Stages 1-147
38-39 Main Stages: Stages 211-238
40 Stage 240: Mega Medicham Mega Medicham 2 Raise Max Level 2 Exp. Booster M
41 Stage 178: Tangela Tangela
42-44 Main Stages: Stages 1-147
45-49 Main Stages: Stages 241-259 Exp. Booster L 3 Exp. Booster M
46 Main Stages: Stages 1-148
47-49 Main Stages: Stages 136-148
50 Stage 260: Deoxys (Normal) Deoxys (Normal) 5 Raise Max Level Exp. Booster L
51 Stage 54: Vaporeon Vaporeon
52 Main Stages: Stages 151-209
53-54 Main Stages: Stages 261-299
55 Stage 290: Rayquaza Rayquaza Skill Booster L Exp. Booster L
56-57 Main Stages: Stages 261-299
58-59 Main Stages: Stages 183-185
60 Stage 300: Mega Rayquaza Mega Rayquaza 10 Raise Max Level Skill Booster S

Excluded Stages Edit

On levels where a random stage is selected from a group, some stages are excluded from the group. Listed here are those stages.

Stage Set Excluded Stages
Main Stages: Stages 11-147 Stage 21: Buneary Buneary

Stage 45: Mega Slowbro Mega Slowbro
Stage 75: Mega Altaria Mega Altaria
Stage 105: Mega Ampharos Mega Ampharos
Stage 126: Persian Persian
Stage 130: Ampharos Ampharos
Stage 135: Mega Gengar Mega Gengar
Stage 146: Toxicroak Toxicroak

Main Stages: Stages 151-209 Stage 165: Milotic Milotic

Stage 170: Shuppet Shuppet
Stage 180: Mega Aerodactyl Mega Aerodactyl
Stage 183: Snorlax Snorlax
Stage 191: Blitzle Blitzle
Stage 198: Conkeldurr Conkeldurr
Stage 205: Excadrill Excadrill

Main Stages: Stages 1-147 Stage 10: Mega Audino Mega Audino

Stage 21: Buneary Buneary
Stage 45: Mega Slowbro Mega Slowbro
Stage 105: Mega Ampharos Mega Ampharos
Stage 135: Mega Gengar Mega Gengar

Main Stages: Stages 211-238 Stage 219: Spewpa Spewpa

Stage 230: Medicham Medicham

Main Stages: Stages 241-259 Stage 248: Roselia Roselia
Main Stages: Stages 261-299 Stage 264: Hariyama Hariyama

Stage 266: Vullaby Vullaby
Stage 278: Porygon Porygon
Stage 288: Alomomola Alomomola
Stage 297: Porygon2 Porygon2

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