The Weekend Shop is based off of the Special Shop, offering powerups for Jewels that affect certain game mechanics. The Special Shop was available only during certain events, while the Weekend Shop is available every weekend.

The effects have a set duration, and immediately activates after purchase. While an effect is active, the player cannot purchase another item from the shop.

The shop is available every weekend. During each weekend, the player may only purchase up to three of each item from the shop.

Icon Name Cost Description
No Hearts Needed No Hearts Needed 2 Jewel The number of Hearts you have will not decrease for 1 hour upon exchange.
Superior Super Catch Time Superior Super Catch Time 2 Jewel Mobile only When you use a Great Ball, the chance of a Super Catch is doubled for 24 hours upon exchange.
Heart Recovery 1 Heart Recovered / 15 min. & Heart +6 2 Jewel Hearts replenish every 15 mins for 24 hours, and the max number of Hearts will be 10. You receive 6 Hearts, too!
Drop Rate Increase Drop Rate Increase 2 Jewel Mobile only Items will drop into the puzzle area more often for 24 hours upon exchange. Occurs only in battles against Pokémon you've caught.

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